Frankfurt Mainkur station

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Frankfurt Mainkur station
Through station
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Mainkur Haus 0520.JPG
Station building
Tickets are available only from ticket machines
Location Fechenheim, Hesse
Coordinates 50°8′3″N 8°46′2″E / 50.13417°N 8.76722°E / 50.13417; 8.76722Coordinates: 50°8′3″N 8°46′2″E / 50.13417°N 8.76722°E / 50.13417; 8.76722
Platforms 3
Other information
Station code 1874[1]
DS100 code FFMK[2]
IBNR 8002048
Category 5[1]
Opened 10 November 1848

Frankfurt-Mainkur station is located on the Frankfurt-Hanau Railway between Frankfurt East station and Hanau Central Station in the Frankfurt district of Fechenheim in the German state of Hesse. The station is classified by Deutsche Bahn (DB) as a category 5 station.[1]

View of the station from the east from Omega bridge over the B 40, rail tracks and Kilianstädter Straße
The platforms with Regional-Express service running to Würzburg Hbf
Greenery on the approach to the platform. In background: signal box and road bridge


The station is located on the northern edge of the historic town of Fechenheim, on a street called An der Mainkur, which connects to a set of traffic islands on the Hanauer Landstrasse (“Hanau highway”) at the site of the former Main Cur customs house on the border between Frankfurt and the Electorate of Hesse (and earlier the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel). This location now has a tram stop of the Frankfurt network. Main Cur is now spelt as Mainkur. The Vilbeler Landstraße (“Vilbel highway”) runs north from the station. It formerly crossed a level crossing immediately west of the station, which is now closed. An underpass, however, allows pedestrian and bicycle traffic to pass under the line.


The original station building was opened in 1847 during the construction of the Frankfurt-Hanau Railway. Until the end of the War of 1866, when the Electorate of Hesse and the Free City of Frankfurt were annexed by Prussia, the station was a border station on the border between the two countries with customs clearance. The current station building and freight shed were created between 1913 and 1918.[3]


Frankfurt-Mainkur station is managed by DB Station&Service. The station building has been closed for years. The main hall is used by the L'Etoile restaurant for art exhibitions. Tickets are available only at the Rhine-Main Transport Association (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, RMV) machines.

The station has three platform tracks at two platforms, connected with each other by an underground passage. The station is served by Regionalbahn services and less often by Regional-Express line 55 of the RMV from Frankfurt Central Station via Frankfurt South and Frankfurt East to Hanau Central Station, Aschaffenburg Central Station and Würzburg Central Station.


As part of Deutsche Bahn’s extensive station modernisation program (supported by the economic stimulus package), Frankfurt Mainkur station is to be completely renovated and developed.


South of the station on the Mainkur roundabout on the Hanauer Landstrasse are the Mainkur Bahnhof tram and bus stops. North of the station are the Birsteiner Straße, Meerholzer Straße and Fuldaer Straße bus stops, which are accessible through the pedestrian underpass that has replaced the Vilbeler Landstraße at this point.

The Mainkur Bahnhof stop is served by tram line 11 and bus routes F-41, 44 (operated by traffiQ, the Frankfurt municipal bus company), 551, 560 (regional services) and N64 (a night bus route). Birsteiner Straße bus stop is also served by bus routes F-41, 44 and 551; it is also served by routes MKK-23, MKK-25 and MKK-28 of Stadtverkehr Maintal (the Maintal municipal bus company).

The tickets of the RMV can be used on all rail services at Mainkur station. There are several parking lots in front of and next to the station building.

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RB 58
Main-Spessart Railway


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