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Frankie, also spelled Franky, is sometimes a given name, but more often it is a hypocorism, an affectionate variation of a personal name, usually Frank or Francis (for males) or Frances or Francine (for females).

People and things named Frankie (or variants) include:


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Franky, in the anime and manga series One Piece
  • Franky Andrade, of Yo Soy Franky, a Colombian television series
  • Franky, a character in the shut down Disney game Club Penguin
  • Frankie Bergstein, in the Grace and Frankie, an American comedy web television series
  • Frankie Cheeks, in the movie Final Destination 3
  • Frankie Foster, a major recurring character in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends American animated television series
  • Frankie Gaines, of I Am Frankie, an American television series
  • Frankie Hathaway, in The Haunted Hathaways American television series
  • Frankie Osborne, in the British soap opera Hollyoaks
  • Frankie Raye, a Fantastic Four character and a herald of Galactus in Marvel Comics
  • Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein and character in the Monster High American fashion doll franchise
  • Frankie the Squealer, a mafia member in the television series The Simpsons

In music[edit]


Other uses[edit]