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Frankie Brady
Days of Our Lives character
Portrayed by Billy Warlock
Duration 1986–88, 1990–91, 2005–06
First appearance July 25, 1986
Last appearance November 24, 2006
Created by Sheri Anderson
Thom Racina
Leah Laiman
Introduced by Betty Corday
Ken Corday
Al Rabin
Classification Former, regular
Other names
  • François Von Leuschner
  • Frankie Donner
Occupation Lawyer
Residence Washington, D.C.

Frankie Brady ( François Von Leuschner; formerly Donner) is a fictional character on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The role of Frankie was played by veteran Emmy-Award winning actor Billy Warlock from July 25, 1986 to October 5, 1988, from November 2, 1990 to July 12, 1991 and from June 26, 2005 to November 24, 2006. In 1990, Christopher Saavedra played the character in a flashback sequence.

Frankie, along with his younger "brother" Max were adopted by the Brady clan in the mid-1980s. Frankie is now a lawyer, living in Washington D.C.

Character history[edit]


Frankie and whom he claimed to be his younger brother Max (which would eventually be revealed this was not the case) first appeared in Salem in 1986 as a homeless teenager and child. Shawn and Caroline Brady immediately took them in, and Steve Johnson became a mentor to Frankie as well. Soon afterward, Frankie met Jennifer Horton, and although he had feelings for her he assumed she was out of his reach not only because of his background, but she was dating the high school jock Glenn Gallagher.

Toward the middle of that school year, Glenn went undercover to help the police department capture the person responsible for giving the kids drugs; unfortunately, Frankie was accused of being the narc by their peers and harassed accordingly, until Glenn's anonymity was revealed upon learning his football coach was the drug dealer. Throughout the remainder of the school year Jennifer and Frankie became close friends, which was one of the factors that put a strain on her relationship with Glenn. Max was shot during the course of the drug dealing sting, and this caused a strain between Jennifer, Frankie and Glenn. When the Salem High kids traveled out of town on Spring Break, Jennifer broke up with Glenn after she refused to have sex with him. Because of subsequent harassment by Glenn and their peers, Jennifer and Frankie decided to leave the trip early. While on their way back to Salem, however, Frankie was videotaping Jennifer in a convenience store when the cashier was shot and killed in the background. Although they initially managed to escape, Frankie and Jennifer were soon caught by the shooter, but they were eventually able to escape again and provide the police department with the videocassette.

During the summer of 1988 a mysterious man came to town, which led Frankie to admit to Jennifer that Max was not his biological brother and that the "mystery man" was Max's abusive father, Trent. Frankie left town with Max, and Jennifer, not knowing whom Trent was, developed a friendship with him as he had hoped she would give him information on where Frankie and Max were. After Frankie and Max had gotten in a car accident, Trent's identity was exposed, but he chose not to pursue the custody of Max and left town.


Frankie was reintroduced in November 1990 as François Von Leuschner, the biological brother of Katerina Von Leuschner, better known as Carly Manning, Jennifer's old friend from boarding school; furthermore, it was revealed he had first come to Salem in 1986 per request by Carly to look out for Jennifer and left in 1988 because Jennifer was falling in love with him and he knew they could not be in a committed relationship. At the time of his 1990 return, Jennifer and Frankie were among several people kidnapped by Lawrence Alamain when Lawrence forced Jennifer into marrying him and subsequently raped her. Frankie's true identity was revealed to Jennifer after everyone kidnapped managed to escape. Although initially angered by this, Jennifer soon forgave Frankie and allowed him to move in with her as friends only. During this time Frankie continues to prove his devotion to Jennifer by giving up his Von Leuschner inheritance to Lawrence. In exchange, Lawrence agreed to divorce Jennifer. Frankie is also the first person that Jennifer tells about the rape. He promises Jennifer that he will always be her friend.

Frankie and Jennifer's friendship was a significant aversion to Eve Donovan, who still had feelings for him herself. Furthermore, Frankie would not allow himself to feel sorry for her as he had in the past. Frankie did, however, continue to reach out to Eve on the conditions that she would not harass Jennifer nor try to invoke sympathy from him. After Eve was accused of killing Nick Corelli she, Jennifer, Frankie and Jack took a train trip in an attempt to recover the murder weapon and prove her innocence, and it was during this time Frankie and Eve began to develop as a couple.

Frankie left Salem with Eve in July 1991 to go live in Africa.


Frankie eventually returned to Salem in the summer of 2005 (without Eve), keeping an eye on his younger brother Max. He and Max soon moved into the garage apartment at Jack and Jennifer's (recently vacated by Patrick Lockhart), and it became clear (to viewers) that Frankie was not over Jennifer. It was discovered when Frankie accidentally found a letter written by Jenn 20 years ago that Jenn did love him very much when they were teenagers. Jenn tried to explain the letter and it ended up causing Frankie to break down in tears. Jenn started to cry herself. They both managed to pull themselves together, pushing that into the back of their minds.

Frankie was initially concerned about Max's romantic involvement with their niece, Chelsea, but his storyline soon centered around his now close friend Jack Deveraux when he learned that Jack was dying and Jack wants him to look after Jennifer when he passes. Frankie finally agreed, and stayed, if only to keep trying to convince Jack to tell Jen about his seemingly fatal illness. Jack insisted he wants to kept it quiet, claiming it is to save his family the slow angst of watching him die.

After getting back to Salem, Jack and Jen were in the hospital for the last time - Jack is cleared to go home. Jennifer has made her choice, and she and Jack have a tearful parting with Frankie, who is understanding as he always knew Jack was her number one, and although it breaks his heart, he knows she'll be happy, and that's all that ever mattered.

Later, in September 2006, Jack and Jen accepted a job in London, England, and although Frankie stayed in Salem a little while longer to help with some court cases, he soon left on Thanksgiving night 2006, to work at a firm in Washington, D.C.

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