Frankie Laine (1950 album)

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Frankie Laine
Frankie Laine (1950 album).jpeg
Studio album by Frankie Laine
Released 1950
Recorded 1949
Genre Vocal
Label Mercury
Frankie Laine chronology
Frankie Laine
(1949)Frankie Laine1949
Frankie Laine
Two Loves Have I
(1950)Two Loves Have I1950

Frankie Laine, the same name as the previous album, was Frankie Laine's second Mercury Records 12" long-play album, recorded originally in 1950. 'ABSOLUTE RUBBISH ... (See my comments on Frankie Laine 1949 album) ... the album cover shown was a 10" LP album # MG 25027 and was the third of a trio (MG 25025 ; MG 25026 & MG 25027) released in July 1950 and reviewed in Billboard July 15, 1950 .... The tracks listed here by Wiki do not even match those on the album sleeve but are the tracks of # MG 25026 (the 2nd LP of the trio).

== Track listing ==

Tracks on album illustrated (MG 25027) are : 1. Two Loves Have I 2. Stay As Sweet As You Are 3. I May Be Wrong 4. Now That I Need You 5. All of Me 6. Blue Turning Grey Over You 7. Old Fashioned Love 8. Hold Me


The Frankie Laine Discography

Track Song Title
1. I'm in the Mood for Love
2. Cherie I Love You
3. You're Wonderful
4. Exactly Like You
5. Rockin' Chair
6. Till We Meet Again
7. Don't Do ≠—Nothing≠— SOMETHING to Someone ELSE
8. At the End of the Road