Frankie Pace

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Frankie Pace
Born Italy
Medium Stand up comedy, film, television
Nationality American
Genres Stand-up comedy
Subject(s) Observational comedy, prop comedy

Frankie Pace is an American stand-up comedian and actor.[1]

Pace began his career in a Long Island comedy club called "The White House Inn" working alongside Eddie Murphy, Rob Bartlett, Jackie Martling, Bob Nelson, Bob Woods, Richie Minnervini, Rosie O'Donnell, Jim Myers and Don McHenry. After a few years he went to New York City where he passed as a regular at "Catch A Rising Star", "The Comic Strip" and "The Improvisation".

Frankie's career peaked in 1984 on Saturday Night Live. Frankie also wrote and hosted his own television show for Night Flight on the USA network called "Rickshaws' Takeout Theater".

Frankie later performed for the Joan Rivers Show and acted on The Cosby Show and The Sopranos.[1] He also performed shows for Bill Boggs Comedy Tonight, Carolines Comedy Hour and Comic Strip Live with John Mulrooney.

After the Iraq war ended in 1990 Pace felt comedy clubs began to drop in attendance.[citation needed] Seeing this Frankie revamped his act and looked for work in the Catskill Mountains, Corporate Shows, Casino Shows and Cruise Ships. Today Frankie works on and off for Freddie Roman's "Catskill's on Broadway" while continuing to pursue his comedy career by posting funny doodles to his website and Facebook page after doing the same funny act for 30+ years.


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