Franklin County Government Center

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Franklin County Government Center
Entire Complex as seen from I-70
General information
Status Complete
Location Columbus, Ohio
Roof 464 ft (141 m)

The Franklin County Government Center is a government complex of Franklin County, Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. The tallest building in the complex is the 27 floor, 464 ft tall Franklin County Courthouse at 373 South High St. It is the 7th tallest building in Columbus. This is the 3rd incarnation of the Franklin County Courthouse and hosts the majority of the county government agencies.
It was designed by architectural firm DesignGroup, Inc. following the postmodern architectural firm.
Other major buildings in the complex include the 19 floor Municipal Court at 375 South High St. and the 10 floor Hall of Justice at 369 South High St., both designed by Prindle & Patrick. The 7 floor new Franklin County Common Pleas Courthouse at 345 South High St. was completed in 2010.

The Hall of Justice at 369 South High St. began a 2 year renovation in early 2013.

More facilities in the complex include:
Dorrian Commons Park
Pavilion at 365 S. High St.
James A. Karnes Building at 410 S. High St.
Franklin County Correctional Center I at 370 S. Front St.
Juvenile Detention Center/Parking Garage at 399 S. Front St.
34 East Fulton Street Parking Garage
80 E. Fulton Street Service Building

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