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Franklin O. Adams was an architect in Tampa, Florida. He was born in Waterproof, Louisiana on July 5, 1881.[1] His works include the third Tampa City Hall (1925?),[2] House at 116 West Davis Boulevard, House at 131 West Davis Boulevard, and House at 301 Caspian Street. He also designed Riverview Terrace,[3] the National Register of Historic Places-listed Bay Isle Commercial Building, Lakeland Public Library, Mayhall Auditorium (Lakeland), the second Morrell Memorial Hospital,[4] and Plant City's South Florida Baptist Hospital (1953).[5] He died on November 27, 1967.[6]


Adams grew up on a cotton plantation and was taught by a governess. He graduated from Centenary College with a Bachelor of Science Degree and started out as a teacher, "teaching in a log house in Mississippi".[7]


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