Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments

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Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments was once the largest distributor of ophthalmic instruments in the world.

Franklin Instruments was founded by Milt Murdock and later expanded by Ron Jenell. Their main facility was on Industrial Blvd in Hayward, California. Milt Murdock also owned Franklin Optical with Don Haedicke, which was a successful optical retail chain in the California Bay Area and Hawaii. Their main branch was housed with Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments together at the same location on Industrial Blvd in Hayward.

Later, Milt sold both businesses to separate owners and retired. Glenn and Bob Davis purchased the Ophthalmic Instrument portion and Neil Dahme purchased the Optical side. Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments later went public on the stock market and partnered with Mid-West Ophthalmic. Chris James, who now owns and operates ProTech Ophthalmics in Brentwood California, was the lead inside service technician. Marc Johnson was the lead outside technician and was the last person to lock the doors of this once thriving company.