Franklin and the Green Knight

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Franklin and the Green Knight
Franklin and Sister Harriet.jpg
Directed by John van Bruggen
Written by Betty Quan
Starring Alyson Stoner
Elizabeth Brown
Liliana Mumy
Tinashe Kachingwe

Taylor MacMillan
Olivia Garrett
Shirley Douglas
Kristen Bone
Juan Chioran
Mary Mouser
Jonathan Wilson
Sirena Irwin
Ruby Smith-Merovitz
James Rankin
Rusty Schwimmer
Valerie Boyle
Adrian Truss
Elizabeth Hanna
Catherine Disher
Dawnn Lewis
Jim Jones
Deb McGrath
Annick Obonsawin
Luca Perlman
Distributed by USA Home Entertainment (VHS)
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (DVD)
Ka-Boom! Entertainment (Canadian DVD)
Release date
  • October 17, 2000 (2000-10-17)
Running time
77 minutes
Country Canada, United States
Language English

Franklin and the Green Knight (also known as Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie) was the first ever Franklin movie, released direct to video and DVD in 2000. It has since aired on Noggin and Nick Jr. in the United States, and Canada's Family Channel.


Franklin is excited about the coming of spring, because his parents have told him he will become a big brother then. After talking with his friends about it, though, he begins to have mixed feelings. His mother reads a tale known throughout Woodland called The Quest of the Green Knight and Franklin decides to go on his own quest to end the unusually long winter, with his friend Snail as his squire.

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