Franny K. Stein

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Franny K. Stein
Cover of book one: Lunch Walks Among Us
Lunch Walks Among Us,
Attack Of The 50-Ft. Cupid,
The Invisible Fran,
The Fran That Time Forgot,
Frantastic Voyage,
The Fran With Four Brains,
The Frandidate
Author Jim Benton
Cover artist United States
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's literature
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Media type Print (Paperback)

Franny K. Stein is an ongoing children's book series by American author Jim Benton. The series was first published in 2003 with the entry Lunch Walks Among Us by Simon & Schuster. The titles of the series all plays on book or movie titles, such as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Fantastic Voyage.


The Franny K. Stein follows its titular character Franny, a young girl that's ostracized from her classmates due to her strange behaviors and experiments. Throughout the series Fran is often called upon to battle various creatures or put into weird situations, sometimes ones that she herself contributed to either accidentally or deliberately.

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2007 it was announced that film rights to the series was optioned by East of Doheny, with plans to create a series of animated films.[1] No director or writer for the movie has been announced and there have been no further announcements on the series' progress.[1]


Critical reception for the series has been mostly positive,[2][3][4] with the School Library Journal praising the series for being "age appropriate" and having an appeal to both boys and girls.[5] Publishers Weekly has also given the series a positive rating,[6] calling the first book a "copiously and cartoonishly illustrated novel".[7] Kirkus Reviews gave an overall positive review but stated that it "isn’t anything like a blatant grab for Captain Underpants fans, oh no".[8]



No. Name Published
1 Lunch Walks Among Us 2003
2 Attack Of The 50-Ft. Cupid 2003
3 The Invisible Fran 2004
4 The Fran That Time Forgot 2005
5 Frantastic Voyage 2005
6 The Fran With Four Brains 2006
7 The Frandidate 2008


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