Frans Hogenberg

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Frans Hogenberg
Born 1535
Died 1590
Nationality Duchy of Burgundy
The Blue Cloak, some say this 1558 engraving with proverbs written above the figures, formed the basis for Breughel's Netherlandish Proverbs

Frans Hogenberg (1535 – 1590) was a Flemish and German painter, engraver, and mapmaker.

Hogenberg was born in Mechelen as the son of Nicolaas Hogenberg.[1] In 1568 he was banned from Antwerp by the Duke of Alva and travelled to London, where he stayed a few years before emigrating to Cologne.[1] He is known for portraits and topographical views as well as historical allegories. He also produced scenes of contemporary historical events.

Hogenberg died in Cologne.



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