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František Erben (born 27 November 1874 in Prague, died 9 June 1942 in the same city) was a gymnast from Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic.

He took part in the third gymastics World Championships which took place in 1907, where he took bronze in the overall competition, behind his compatriot Josef Čada and Frenchman Jules Rolland. Bohemia also took gold in the team competition, and Erben took gold in both the horizontal bar and pommel horse and bronze in the parallel bars.

At the next World Championships, in 1909, the Bohemian team won silver, behind France. At the next World Championships, Erben won silver on the horizontal bar and bronze on the rings.

At the Olympics, he took part in the 1900 Summer Olympics, where he finished in 32nd place.

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