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František Langer, ca 1928

František Langer (3 March 1888 – 2 August 1965) was a Czech playwright, military physician, script writer, essayist, literary critic and publicist. He was born and died in Prague.


Langer, as a physician, served in Czechoslovak Legions in Russia during the World War I. In 1935-38 he worked as dramatic adviser in Městské divadlo in Prague, Vinohrady and as a commander of a Prague military hospital (rank of colonel). He spent World War II in England as a member of the Czechoslovakian army abroad (brigade general).


Claude Rains and Mary Kennedy in the Theatre Guild's Broadway production of The Camel Through the Needle's Eye (1929)

The main focus of Langer's work is in drama:

  • Velbloub uchem jehly (aka The Camel through the Needle's Eye) (1923)
  • Periferie (aka The Outskirts) (1925)
  • Grandhotel Nevada (1927)
  • Obrácení Ferdyše Pištory (1929)
  • Jízdní hlídka (aka The Cavalry Watch) (1935)
  • Dvaasedmdesátka (1937)
  • Děti a dýka (1942)
  • Pražské legendy (1956)
  • Železný vlk (1923) - short stories


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