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Frantic Films Corporation is a Canadian branded content and live action production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Frantic Films is known for producing live action reality shows, documentaries and for its past work in feature film visual effects.


In 1997 Frantic Films was founded by Ken Zorniak, Chris Bond. The company initially produced work for commercial clients such as Procter & Gamble and created CGI for Stephen King's Storm of the Century.[1]

In 2001 Frantic Films garnered international attention after creating stunning visual effects sequences for the blockbuster film Swordfish.[1]

Also in 2001 Frantic Films founded a Research & Development division that would focus on creating software and tools for future visual effects projects. Since its inception the R&D division has produced a large suite of in-house and commercial software. Early efforts were focused on Deadline (a commercial render farm management tool) and Flood (an in-house fluid simulation tool). In 2004, Flood was said to be one of the top three fluid simulation tools in the world.[2]

In 2002 Jamie Brown joined Frantic Films as a partner.

In 2007 the Visual Effects and R&D/Software divisions were acquired by the Prime Focus Group and Frantic Films stopped all visual effects and previsualization projects. The software division has since been acquired by Thinkbox Software, a small company owned by Frantic Films co-founder Chris Bond. As of 2007 Frantic Films has focused primarily on live action and branded content.

In 2009 Frantic Films acquired Red Apple Entertainment, enabling rights over Red Apple's syndication catalog and mode of production.

Branded Content[edit]

The Branded Content division, Frantic Branded Content, specializes in creating original integrated entertainment for traditional and emerging media platforms. In 2009, Frantic Branded Content partnered with ad agency TAXI and commercial production company Soft Citizen, to produce the branded entertainment television property 'Commercial Break'.

Live action (past and current)[edit]

Visual effects and previsualization (past)[edit]

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