Französische Straße (Berlin U-Bahn)

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Entrance to Französische Straße station in the middle of Friedrichstraße

Französische Straße is a Berlin U-Bahn underground station of the U6 located under the road Friedrichstraße in central Berlin.

Platform view

This station was built by Grenander/Fehse/Jennen and opened in 1923. In 1945 it closed for a few months; it was permanently closed in 1961. During the Cold War (1961–1990), the station became a ghost station. The station was closed to passenger traffic, and the underground trains of the West Berlin BVG passed the island platform in East Berlin slowly without stopping. In 1990, after the Berlin Wall fell, the station became accessible again. In 1995, the platform had to be lengthened by 25 m so that the long, six-car trains could stop there.

With the opening of the expanded U5 line connecting Alexanderplatz with Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Französische Straße station will be closed and replaced by newly built Unter den Linden station directly to the north allowing transfers between the U6 and U5.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°30′53″N 13°23′21″E / 52.51472°N 13.38917°E / 52.51472; 13.38917