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Franz Anatol Wyss (born Fulenbach, May 1, 1940) is a Swiss painter.[1]

Wyss trained in the School of Art and Design (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Lucerne between 1960 and 1961 and then the Art School of Zurich from 1965-66 with Bruno Stamm.[2] In 1975 he published Franz Anatol Wyss, Zürich: Druckgraphik 1966-1975 with the Kunstmuseum Olten. Since 1985 his studio has been in Murgenthal. He was noted for his "oppressive inaglios".[3] In addition to drawings and engravings, since 1985 he has produced large format acrylic paintings. Four of his drawings are in the collection of the Gottard Bank, a collection used for decoration in the Bank as well as for exhibitions in the Galleria Gottardo and intended to represent the work of leading post-war contemporary Swiss artists.[1]

In 1992 he showcased his work in Berlin.[4] In 1997 he extensively visited Italy and in 1999 studied in France.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Wyss married Edith Humbel in 1970.[2] The couple have 3 children: Katja (born 1970), Roman (born 1973), Marcel (born 1976).[2] Rosina was born in 1978 but died three months after birth.[2]


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