Franz Martinelli

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Franz Martinelli
Born 1651
Lake Como area, Italy
Died 1708
Vienna, Austria
Occupation architect

Franz Martinelli or Italian: Francesco Martinelli (b. 1651, Lake Como area – d. 28 October 1708, Vienna), was an Austrian architect born in Italy.

Franz Martinelli participated in the construction of the Peterskirche in Vienna. In 1684 he was in charge of the restoration work of the Servitenkirche in Vienna. In 1687 he also participated in the construction of the Heiligenkreuz Abbey.

His most important work is the Palais Esterházy on Wallnerstraße in Vienna, which he first renovated in 1685 and thereafter completely rebuilt, finishing the work in 1695.

He also designed the Franciscan in Frauenkirchen, Hungary. Both the ground-plan and the main façade of his building on seventeenth-century Jesuit churches.

Embellishment of Uherčice (Břeclav) castle transforming it in a baroque style under the aegis of Donat John Count Heissler of Heitersheim

He is the father of architects Anton Erhard Martinelli and Johann Baptist Martinelli.

Franz Martinelli died in Vienna on 28 October 1708.


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