Franz Strasser

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Franz Strasser
Karl Morgenschweis prays for Franz Strasser.jpg
Father Karl Morgenschweis prays for Franz Strasser seconds before his execution.
Born 1899
Died 2 January 1946 (aged 46)
Landsberg Prison, Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany
Occupation Former NSDAP Kreisleiter and convict
Criminal penalty Death
Criminal status Executed by hanging
Spouse(s) Unnamed wife
Children 3
Conviction(s) Murder

Franz Strasser (1899[1] – 2 January 1946) was an Austrian-German former NSDAP Kreisleiter and convicted murderer.


In December 1944, in Kaplitz, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), Franz Strasser killed two American allied airmen by shooting them with a Thompson submachine gun. They were members of a group of five[2] who stayed with pilot Warren Woodruff [3] when he landed their plane in a field. They had voluntarily surrendered and were taken away in a truck. A Captain Lindemeyer, who later committed suicide, reportedly killed the other three, and the court verdict suggests that the killings were originally Lindemeyer's idea.[4][5]

Trial and execution[edit]

On 24 August 1945, Strasser was tried, with someone translating for him.[6] He was found guilty and was sentenced to execution by hanging at Landsberg Prison. On 2 January 1946, he was hanged and died instantly as German Catholic priest and longtime hospital chaplain Karl Morgenschweis prayed for the convicted murderer.[7][8]


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