Franz Susemihl

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Franz Susemihl (1826–1901)

Franz Susemihl (December 10, 1826 – April 30, 1901) was a German classical philologist born in Laage.

He studied ancient languages in Leipzig and Berlin, and from 1848 taught classes at the Domgymnasium in Güstrow. In 1852 he received his habilitation at the University of Greifswald, where in 1863 he became a full professor of classical philology. In 1875-76 he was rector at the university.

Susemihl is largely remembered through his writings on Plato and Aristotle. Among his better written efforts are "Die genetische Entwickelung der platonischen Philosophie" (Genetic development of Platonic philosophy, 1855–60), and a treatise on the history of Alexandrian literature titled "Geschichte der griechischen Litteratur in der Alexandrinerzeit" (1892). Susemihl died on April 30, 1901 in Florence, Italy.

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