Franz von Hillenbrand

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Franz von Hillenbrand
Born cca. 1801
Died unknown year
Father Johann von Hillenbrand
Mother Johanna Vogel
Occupation Imperial and Royal accountant
The coat of arms of the Family von Hillenbrand

Franz von Hillenbrand was a Roman Catholic German aristocrat. He was born in Zolochiv, c. 1801, the Polish city that time was part of the Holy Roman Empire. His family migrated[1] to the Galizien region from Augsburg in the late 18th century. It is unknown how many generations and members of the family lived in Galicia and what the reason was to choose the city as a new place for the family. The only known is that Franz von Hillenbrand left Zloczow in cca. 1841.[2] He met Ernestine Emilia Johanna von Böckh (who lived in Prague before), and got married on 21 August 1841 in Pozsony (now Bratislava), the administrative center of Hungary that time. (Ernestine von Böckh was his second wife as the first died before.) Both of them and their children (e.g. Aemilian Ernst Franz Xaver von Hillenbrand and Rudolf von Hillenbrand) lived in Wien-Alpenvorstadt, where Franz von Hillenbrand worked as an Imperial and Royal Accountant. Not so later, they moved back to Pozsony.

According to some reminiscences, he has a brother named Alexander von Hillenbrand. He also worked in Wien at the Secretariat of the Orden der Eisernen Krone.

It needs some researches to clarify the life of the von Hillenbrand family in Zolochiv. We cannot exclude the possibility of other brothers and sisters married and lived in Zolochiv after. Due to the burnt of the entire city in the second half of the 19th century, and due to the Soviet occupation in the 20th century, there is very little chance to find any referring documents in Zolochiv.


Unfortunately there is no much known information about the direct paternal and the maternal side of Franz von Hillenbrand's family tree. However, Johann Georg's ancestors are known till 1585. They gave the nobility letter from Kaiser Franz von Lotharingien in 1757, when the family lived in Augsburg.


  1. ^ The short story of the family and some family trees are available in Almanach de Gotha
  2. ^ The history of the family von Hillenbrand is based on the studies of German and Hungarian researchers.

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