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The Fraser Tombs are a necropolis located 10 km northeast of Al Minya, Middle Egypt. It sits around 2 km south of Tihna el-Gebel.

The rock-cut tombs date back to the Fourth and Fifth dynasties of the Old Kingdom.

These tombs were first discovered in fall of 1853 by the German Egyptologist Heinrich Brugsch and first described by the British civil engineer George Willoughby Fraser, whose name was given to these tombs.

The tombs belong to a 3 km long necropolis of the ancient town of Mer-nefer(et) (also Per-Imen-mAt-chent(j), TA-dehenet, or Akoris). The tomb owners were stewards of the royal estate. In the fifth dynasty, they were Hathor priests, too.

Four of the 15 (numbered) tombs contain statues and carved hieroglyphics from the Old Kingdom. The most important tomb is the second tomb of Ni-ankh-kay (Neka-Ankh) which has the shape of a mastaba tomb. The decoration of the small and long offering room consists of statues of his family and texts with his last will.

The Fraser Tombs are rarely visited by tourists, but they are open to the public.


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