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The frat shag is a hair style associated with college students in the American South, in which the hair extends to the eyebrows and past the ears of an individual. The haircut is generally accomplished by initially fading up the sides of the head, and then thinning out the hair on the top of the head. Over time, the hair on the sides of the head will grow faster than the top and will cover the ears. The hair on the top of the head can be combed over in order to retain the conservative look of the hairstyle.

To be considered a true frat shag, the hair must not contain any styling products. On specific occasions (such as a formal), the hair may be blow-dried and combed in one direction.

Although the hairstyle is associated with fraternity men, it is also popular among other male students on Southern college campuses, especially in the "Southeastern Conference" and the southern schools of the Atlantic Coast Conference. This is not the same hairstyle as flow, which is associated with northern lacrosse players.

The hairstyle is not just popular in the South, and was also very popular in the 60s and early 70s. On television all the sons on "My Three Sons" had one, and on "The Andy Griffith Show", Opie sported one when he got older. Today, celebrities from Michael Phelps to Justin Bieber famously sport the cut.