Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer

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Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer
The coat of arms of the Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer
Formation 1979
Type Religious Institute of Pontifical Right
Headquarters Convent of St. Thomas Aquinas
Rev. Louis-Marie de Blignières
Key people
Rev. Louis-Marie de Blignières (founder)

The Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer is a Traditional Roman Catholic (Dominican Rite) fraternity in full communion with the Holy See.


The Fraternity was founded in 1979 by Louis-Marie de Blignières and was initially sedeprivationist, but later reconciled with the Holy See and became a religious institute of pontifical right on October 28, 1988.[1] It is not a part of the Order of Preachers, because they refused to accept full obedience to the Master of the Dominican Order as it necessary to be affiliated with the Order. The Fraternity's priests use the traditional Dominican Rite (one of the Latin liturgical rites different from Roman, or Tridentine) for saying Mass and the Hours of the Divine Office.

The seat of the Fraternity is the monastery of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Chémeré-le-Roi, a village in north-west France between Laval and Le Mans.[2]

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