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Honorifics are words that connote esteem or respect when used in addressing or referring to a person. In the German language, honorifics distinguish people by age, sex, profession, academic achievement, and rank. In the past, a distinction was also made between married and unmarried women.

Sex and age[edit]

for men (equivalent to Mister in English)
for women (equivalent to Ms. in English).
for unmarried women (like Miss in English). Fräulein is now deprecated and may be considered condescending.

Profession and academics[edit]

As with the title of Doctor in English, Doktor applies both to medical doctors and those who hold a doctorate. Unlike the English-language usage, Doktor may be repeated for double doctorates (Doktor Doktor). It can also be combined with other honorifics (Herr Doktor or Frau Doktor Doktor).