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The Fraud Discovery Institute was an investigative unit that sought to assist in the prosecution of perpetrators of corporate fraud. After the Institute had researched an alleged white-collar crime, it would give a report to the FBI, which could then find and arrest the criminals.[1]

The Fraud Discovery Institute was founded by Barry Minkow in 2001[citation needed]. Minkow had been released from prison in 1995, where he was serving a sentence for a financial scam involving a carpet-cleaning company called ZZZZ Best.[1] Other former convicts were also involved in the Fraud Discovery Institute; the rest of the team was composed of auditors.[2]

In September 2011, Barry Minkow was returned to prison after making false statements in the Fraud Discovery Institute's reports.[3]

Nonetheless, he managed to defraud his church, according to, April 25, 2014 [1]. In January 2014 he pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $3 million.


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