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Place of originUnited Kingdom
Created byWalkers (The Smith's Snackfood Company)
Main ingredientsCorn, bacon flavouring

Frazzles are a bacon-flavour corn-based snack sold in the United Kingdom, manufactured by Smiths, and for a time by Walkers. The packet has kept to the same crimson background with yellow writing style throughout the brand's presence in the market. The snacks have been produced since 1975, as printed on recent packaging. Frazzles are styled as rashers of bacon and because of this are very recognisable. Leslie Ivey, a tool maker working on behalf of Smiths' West London factory, managed the design and build of the first machine to draw the signature stripe on Frazzles. Many supermarkets have since released their own-brand bacon corn snacks because of the popularity of Frazzles. Despite their bacon styling, Frazzles are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans, as they contain lactose from milk.[1]

In 2005, Frazzles were relaunched, with the Smiths branding replaced by Walkers.[2] In 2008, the branding was changed back to Smiths.


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