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The Freak Alley parking lot, looking south from W. Bannock St.

Freak Alley is a notable venue for public art in the form of murals and graffiti[1] located in and adjacent to a service alley in downtown Boise, Idaho. The largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest,[2][3] and a Boise institution since 2002,[4] it began with a painting of a single alley doorway and now extends from the alley itself to a gravel parking lot.[5] Extant murals painted over and replaced by new murals (or incorporated into them) every two years;[6] collectively it is the work of more than 200 artists.[7] It has featured prominently in a survey of ten mid-sized American cities with thriving artistic communities in which Boise ranked second.[8] The site, along with the back of the Union Block, received a $500,000 renovation in 2018 from the city.[9]



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