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Freaks of Nature
Freaks of Nature Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRobbie Pickering
Produced byMatthew Tolmach
Written byOren Uziel
Music byFil Eisler
CinematographyUta Briesewitz
Edited byCraig Alpert
LStar Capital
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • October 30, 2015 (2015-10-30)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$33 million[1]
Box office$70,958[2]

Freaks of Nature is a 2015 American comedy horror film directed by Robbie Pickering, written by Oren Uziel, and starring Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem, Joan Cusack, Bob Odenkirk, Keegan-Michael Key, Ed Westwick, Patton Oswalt, Vanessa Hudgens and Denis Leary.

The film was issued in a limited release by Columbia Pictures on October 30, 2015.[3]


The town of Dillford, Ohio, is home to three species: humans, vampires, and zombies, who despise each other.

Dag (Nicholas Braun), the school nerd and former best friend of Ned, sets out to lose his virginity with Lorelei (Vanessa Hudgens), the hottest girl in school. He's having has issues with Rick Wilson (Denis Leary), the baseball team's coach and manager of the local meat factory that Dag's mother was fired from. Rick, opting to cut cost and double his profit margins, fired all of the human employees and hired zombies, which can be utilized as cheap labor by using collars that inhibit their behaviors (i.e. stop them from eating people).

Petra (Mackenzie Davis) is a social outcast. She is transformed into a vampire after being bitten by Milan (Ed Westwick), the high-school's playboy vampire, while they are making out.

Ned (Josh Fadem) , Dag's former best friend, is also a social outcast at high school. Ned's brother, Chaz Jr. (Chris Zylka), attends the same high school and is the star baseball player. Following Petra's transformation into a vampire and an argument with his family, Ned visits the to hanged out in Zombies ghetto. There, Ned sees a family of zombies eating dinner (brains) and allows the female teenage zombie (Mae Whitman) to bite his leg, transforming him into a zombie.

One day, aliens invade Dillford. Each species begin to fear each other, as they believe that opposing factions are eliminate the other, as Vampires survive by blood and the zombies will eat the human brain. When the fighting first begins, Dag with Lorelei; Lorelei is turned into a vampire by Petra when a group of vampires raid a house where Dag and Lorelei are hiding. During the invasion, and subsequent brawls between the factions, Dag, Ned, and Petra join together and hide in Stuart Millers (Patton Oswalt) basement. While taking shelter, Petra and Ned are overcome by their hunger and eat Stuart and his mother. The aliens are able to determine their location, causing them to seek cover at the high school. There, Petra and Dag fall into an underground hole and make out, before Dag flinches ruining the moment and causing Petra to accuse him of being afraid of her. The aliens find them again, and in a stroke of genius Dag realizes that the Aliens only see inorganic materials. Given that their clothes are made of synthetic material or have been treated with synthetic materials, all three strip and begin the process of running to Dag's house. Their, the three to find clothes made out of organic cotton, as Dag's mother is a "hippie" and prefers organic clothing.

Eventually, Dag, Petra, and Ned are captured by the aliens. It is then that they realize that all of capture citizens have been gathered in a warehouse, but remain segregated by species by a force field. There, Ned is reunited with his family and learns that his father and brother have become zombies. Dag, Ned, and Petra are able to convince the different species to band together to fight against the aliens. At the Rick Wilson's meat factory, where they horse cartilage is transformed in a meat-like substance that tastes like real meat. The key ingredient required to transform the cartilage is the chemical "Tetrafluoraxipan." The aliens, after submerging in the chemical, combine and grow into a single large Alien. The Alien begin to make a speech, but is interrupted by the town's citizens, who are fed up and irritated. This triggers the Alien to go into a rage and an alien versus zombie/human/vampire brawl to begin. Eventually they determine that they need to douse the alien with ammonia in order to destroy the alien.

While this is happening, Milan is able to corner Petra and attempts to kill her. He is stopped by Dag, who turns to werewolf. After a short brawl, Milan is accidentally killed when he lands on a wooden slab, which impales him.

As the outclassed alien is shrinking back to it's mini size, it attempts to escape by UFO. When trying to escape, the alien drops a bomb to destroy the town. Ned and Dag work together and are able to return the bomb (shining ball) via hitting the ball with a plank. This causes the ship to explode and destroys the alien menace.

Everything return to normal and it is discovered that Lorelei is alive. However, Dag chooses to be with Petra instead. Ned appears to be happier and better adjusted as a zombie, and seems to have finely bonded with his brother.



The film entered development as "The Kitchen Sink". In March 2011, Jonah Hill was reported to be in talks to make his directorial debut with The Kitchen Sink.[4] In February 2012, Robbie Pickering was chosen as the director for the film, though Hill would stay attached to the film as one of the executive producers.[5] The film was renamed from "Kitchen Sink" to "Freaks of Nature".


In January 2013, it was reported that Nicholas Braun was in talks to join the film as well as Chris Zylka.[6] In July of that same year, it was announced Vanessa Hudgens was in talks to join the film, as well as Denis Leary.[7] On August 15, 2013, it was announced Ed Westwick was in talks to join the film.[8] On August 19, 2013, it was announced Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, and Ian Roberts, Keegan-Michael Key, and Mackenzie Davis had all joined the cast of the film.[9]


Principal photography began in Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC on August 15, 2013 and lasted 37 days. Shooting locations in Los Angeles included Santa Clarita, Temple City and Van Nuys High School.[10] Vancouver locations included Steveston, Metrotown Mall and A.R. Macneill Secondary School.[citation needed]


The film was initially scheduled for a January 9, 2015 release, however in October 2014, Sony pushed it back to September 4, 2015.[11] Eventually, on October 16, 2015, Sony announced it would be released on October 30, 2015 in a limited release.[12]


  • "My Life Is Right" by Big Star
  • "Fever Dreaming" by No Age
  • "Days" by The Drums
  • "Kill for Love" by Chromatic
  • "It's Simply Love" by The Longo Brothers
  • "On My Mind" by CharlieRED
  • "Deceive"' by Trentemøller
  • "Moments of Love" by Debbie Martin
  • "The Heat" by Jungle
  • "Jump on It" by SweatBeatz
  • "Germ-Free Adolescents" by X-Ray Spex
  • "Evil Soul" by The Young Werewolves
  • "User" by KOVAS
  • "Fall in Love Again" by Fuzzy Dora
  • "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel
  • "Born on a Saturday Night" by Mean Jeans
  • "It's Alright, It's OK" by Primal Scream

Critical reception[edit]

Tim Janson of The SciFi Movie Page gave the film 2 stars out of 5 citing, "The ideal way to watch the film would be with your hand on the fast-forward button, stopping when Key, Leary, Odenkirk, and Oswalt are on screen and skipping through when they are not."[13]

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