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FreakyLinks was an American television show that combined elements of horror, mystery, and comedy. It aired on the Fox Network from October 2000 until June 2001, for a total run of 13 episodes. The feel of the show closely modeled that of The X-Files and other supernatural-themed shows that were popular at the time.

Setting and plot[edit]

FreakyLinks centered on Derek Barnes (played by Ethan Embry), who ran a website called "" that sought out the dark and forbidden truths behind paranormal phenomena and urban legends, assisted by his friends Chloe (Lisa Sheridan) and Jason (Karim Prince).

Derek took over the site after his twin brother, Adam, died under mysterious circumstances. The show's episodes revolved around Derek and his friends investigating supernatural claims for the website and uncovering clues that reveal the truth of his brother's fate.

Series history[edit]

FreakyLinks, originally titled "Fearsum" until a few months before airing, was developed by Haxan, the creators of the film The Blair Witch Project. The talents of Haxan were highly sought after following the then-recent success of Blair Witch that had taken the entertainment industry by surprise.

Haxan decided to follow a similar marketing strategy as Blair Witch and created a website, long before the show was set to air, called "" which was cleverly designed to look like an amateurish, home-brew website made by real-life paranormal enthusiasts.

The website was fairly successful and seemed to create some amount of "buzz" but this did not translate into high ratings when the show finally aired. The show went on hiatus for a few months before returning the air to finish out the season, but was not renewed for the next fall television season.

However, during its brief run the show developed a devoted cult following. Following the show's demise, an outcry arose among the fans and an online petition, possibly among the first such online petitions, was created to ask the Fox Network to bring the show back for another season.

As of March 2016, the show has not been considered for renewal and many of its stars have since moved on to other projects. The status of a future DVD release of the show is also unknown.

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