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Fred Arthur Braceful (May 2, 1938, Detroit - March 17, 1995, Munich) was a jazz drummer.


Fred Braceful was born in 1938 as the oldest son of Cludie "Fred" Braceful and Ada Crutcher. His father was a tenor saxophonist, and the son drummed in his band early in his career. He served in the U.S. military in Germany, where he played in the 7th Army Band, and then settled in Stuttgart.


In Stuttgart he played with Wolfgang Dauner and Eberhard Weber as Trio from 1963 well into the 1970s, including with Dauner's group Et Cetera. With Dauner and Fred van Hove a.o. he recorded " Requiem for Che Guevara " on Nov. !0th 1968 at the Berlin Jazz Festival. On Oct. 30. in 1964 he accompanied singer Donald (Baby) Douglas, Leo Wright a.o. at the first International Jazz Festival Prague .In 1972 he cofounded the German Art rock band Exmagma. Braceful also played with Albert Mangelsdorff, Dollar Brand, Joki Freund, Hans Koller, Mal Waldron, Bob Degen, Benny Bailey, Robin Kenyatta, and Manfred Schoof.

He and several Stuttgart jazz musicians formed the ensemble Moira in 1976. Following this Braceful played with Bernd Köppen and Jay Oliver. After his stint with Oliver in 1982, Braceful quit music for a period of time, then returned to play in Eugen de Ryck's group, the Funkomatic Hippies, from 1992 until his death in 1995. He worked and recorded with Michael Hornstein regularly from the mid 80s until his death. Fred Braceful was married twice, he has three children.


  • 1964 Dream Talk with Et Cetera
  • 1964 Echos from the Prague Jazz Festival with Leo Wright, Benny Bailey a. o. (Supraphon Rec.)
  • 1967 Free Action with W. Dauner (MPS)
  • 1967 Die Jazz-Werkstatt '67 (NDR Rec.) V.A.
  • 1968 Celebrations with Bob Degen Trio (Calig LP)
  • 1968 Requiem for Che Guevara (Fred van Hove/W. Dauner) (MPS)
  • 1969 The Oimels with W. Dauner (MPS)
  • 1969 Für (Dauner/Weber/Karg/Braceful) (Calig)
  • 1969 Musica Sacra Nova 2 (W.Dauner/R. Finkbeiner) (Schwann Rec.)
  • 1970 Live in Esslingen with Marion Brown + Leo Smith (Bootleg)
  • 1970 Output (W. Dauner) (ECM)
  • 1970 Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena (JG Rec.) 2lp V.A.
  • 1970 London Session with Et Cetera (Global Rec.)
  • 1970 Lady Blue (Et Cetera) (Global)
  • 1970 Time Turner (Liberty Rec.
  • 1970 Girl from Martinique (ECM) with Robin Kenyatta
  • 1970 Rischkas Soul with W. Dauner (MPS)
  • 1971 Spanish Bitch with Mal Waldron (JVC/ECM)
  • 1971 The Call with Mal Waldron (JAPO)
  • 1972 Stop my Brain V.A. (MPS)
  • 1973 Exmagma with Exmagma (Neusi Rec.)
  • 1974 Goldball with Exmagma (Disjuncta Rec.)
  • 1994 Langsames Blau with Michael Hornstein Trio (Enja)
  • 1994 Black Issues with Chuck Henderson and Mal Waldron (Chazra)
  • 2004 Forum West V.A. (SKO 19)
  • 2006 3 with Exmagma (Daily Rec.) recorded 1975


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