Fred Bretonnel

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Fred Bretonnel
Real nameFred Bretonnel
NationalityFrance French
Born(1905-01-01)1 January 1905
Died4 September 1928(1928-09-04) (aged 23)
Boxing record
Total fights23
Wins by KO1

Fred Bretonnel (1 January 1905 – 4 September 1928) was a French lightweight boxer and title holder of the Featherweight Championship of France from 24 June to 7 October 1924, when it was taken by Lucien Vinez. In a career totalling 23 matches, he lost 9, drew 4 and won 9 with one knock out.[1]

He fought in the first French-German match in France after the First World War, on 10 May 1922,[2] defeating Paul Czirson.

Bretonnel's family were also strongly associated with boxing. His brother was a professional boxing trainer and manager, and his father started the first boxing magazine in France.

Bretonnel committed suicide by hanging on 4 September 1928, due to what was referred to as "family troubles".[3] At the time of his death, he was a welterweight.


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