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Fred Cortes (1921-1964) was a Filipino actor who was a favorite leading man of Lvn Pictures before World War II.

Cortes film debut was under Lvn Pictures Nag-iisang Sangla. His second movie team-up was with another Lvn star Mila del Sol for Angelita.

He made one movie under Excelsior Pictures with Arsenia Francisco, a love story movie Babalik ka Rin aka You Will Come back.

In 1941 he made Ibong Adarna with Mila, in 1942 Nina Bonita again with Mila and 1943's Tia Juana.

His comeback role was in 1950's His Darkest Hour under Lebran Pictures.

He died in 1964.

Early life[edit]

Original name was Fred Louis Osburn, and made Cortes his screen name. His Mother, Virginia Sancho, married a soldier who served in the war. Cortes is the 4th child of Virginia and has given birth to out of the 7, two older brothers, namely Henry and Richard, one older sister Gertrude, and three younger siblings, Gloria, Josephine, and Charles.


  • 1940 – Nag-iisang Sangla [Lvn]
  • 1941 – Angelita [Lvn]
  • 1941 - Hiyas ng Dagat [Lvn]
  • 1941 - Rosalina [Lvn]
  • 1941 - Villa Hermosa [LVN]
  • 1941 - Babalik ka rin [Excelsior]
  • 1941 - Ibong Adarna [Lvn]
  • 1942 - Nina Bonita [Lvn]
  • 1943 - Tia Juana [Lvn]
  • 1950 - His Darkest Hour [Lebran]

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