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Fred Frith at a piano recording session at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, California, September 2006.

Fred Frith appears on over 400 recordings. This is a selection from bands he was/is a member of, collaborations with other bands and musicians, and his solo recordings. The year indicates when the album was first released. For a comprehensive discography, see the Discography of Fred Frith by Michel Ramond, Patrice Roussel and Stephane Vuilleumier.[1]


Henry Cow
Henry Cow / Slapp Happy
Art Bears
Aksak Maboul
Skeleton Crew
Duck and Cover
French Frith Kaiser Thompson
Naked City
Death Ambient
  • Death Ambient (1995, CD, Tzadik, US)
  • Synaesthesia (1999, CD, Tzadik, US)
  • Drunken Forest (2007, CD, Tzadik, US)
Fred Frith Guitar Quartet
Maybe Monday
Keep the Dog
Cosa Brava
Fred Frith Trio
  • Another Day in Fucking Paradise (2016, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)


Music for Dance[edit]


Composer only[edit]

Compositions featured[edit]


With various artists
Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser
  • With Friends Like These (1979, LP, Metalanguage, US)
  • Who Needs Enemies? (1983, LP, Metalanguage, US)
With The Residents
Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag and Phil Minton
  • Voice of America (1982, LP, Rift Records, US)
Fred Frith and Totsuzen Danball
  • Live at Loft Shinjuku Tokyo Japan 23.July'81 (1982, CT, Floor Records, Japan)
Fred Frith and Chris Cutler
Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith
  • French Gigs (1983, LP, AAA, France)
Fred Frith and René Lussier
Fred Frith and Ferdinand Richard (as Fred & Ferd)
Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson
Fred Frith and François-Michel Pesenti
Fred Frith and Marc Ribot
  • Subsonic 1. Sounds of a Distant Episode (1994, CD, Sub Rosa/Subsonic, Belgium)
Fred Frith and John Zorn
Fred Frith and Jean-Pierre Drouet
  • En Public aux Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers (1997, CD, Transes Europeennes, France)
Percy Howard, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith and Bill Laswell
  • Meridiem (1998, CD, Materiali Sonori, Italy)
Fred Frith and Ensemble Modern
Mark Dresser, Fred Frith and Ikue Mori
  • Later ... (2000, CD, Les Disques Victo, Canada)
Fred Frith, Jean-Pierre Drouet and Louis Sclavis
  • I Dream of You Jumping (2001, CD, Les Disques Victo, Canada)
Michel Wintsch, Fred Frith, Franziska Baumann and Bernard Trontin
Fred Frith, Anne Bourne and John Oswald
  • Dearness (2002, CD, Spool, Canada)
Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay and Myles Boisen
Derek Bailey, Antoine Berthiaume and Fred Frith
Fred Frith, Joëlle Léandre and Jonathan Segel
  • Tempted to Smile (2003, CD, Spool, Canada)
Lesli Dalaba, Fred Frith, Eric Glick Rieman and Carla Kihlstedt
  • Dalaba Frith Glick Rieman Kihlstedt (2003, CD, Accretions Records, US)
Toychestra and Fred Frith
Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt and Stevie Wishart
  • The Compass, Log and Lead (2005, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Anthony Braxton and Fred Frith
  • Duo (Victoriaville) 2005 (2006, CD, Les Disques Victo, Canada)
Janet Feder and Fred Frith
Fred Frith and Chris Brown
  • Cutter Heads (2007, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Darren Johnston, Fred Frith, Devin Hoff, Larry Ochs and Ches Smith
  • Reasons for Moving (2007, CD, Not Two, US)
Fred Frith and Evelyn Glennie
Sonargemeinschaft (Sonar Community) and Fred Frith
  • Drift (2008, CD, Poise, Germany)
Fred Frith and Danielle Roger
Fred Frith and ARTE Quartett
  • Still Urban (2009, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
  • The Big Picture (2009, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Chris Cutler, Thomas Dimuzio and Fred Frith
Fred Frith and Annie Lewandowski
  • Long as in Short, Walk as in Run (2011, CD, Ninth World Records)
Jean-Pierre Drouet, Fred Frith and Louis Sclavis
  • Contretemps etc ... (2011, CD, In Situ, France)
Joëlle Léandre, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran and Urs Leimgruber
  • MMM Quartet – Live at the Metz' Arsenal (2012, CD, Leo Records, UK)[nb 3]
  • MMM Quartet – Oakland/Lisboa (2015, CD, RogueArt, France)
Fred Frith and Michel Doneda
  • Fred Frith Michel Doneda (2014, CD, Vand'Œuvre, France)
Fred Frith and Barry Guy
  • Backscatter Bright Blue (2014, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Lotte Anker and Fred Frith
  • Edge of the Light (2014, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Fred Frith and John Butcher
  • The Natural Order (2014, CD, Northern Spy, US)
Fred Frith and Evan Parker
  • Hello, I Must Be Going (2015, CD, Les Disques Victo, Canada)
Katharina Weber, Fred Frith and Fredy Studer
  • It Rolls (2015, CD, Intakt, Switzerland)
Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Lars Hollmer and Gianni Gebbia
  • Angels on the Edge of Time (2015, CD, Angelica, Italy) – recorded at the 1993 Angelica Festival
Fred Frith and Helen Mirra
  • Kwangsi Quail (2015, LP, Shhpuma, Portugal)
Fred Frith and Darren Johnston
  • Everybody's Somebody's Nobody (2016, CD, Clean Feed, Portugal)


  1. ^ The Previous Evening was designated "Music for Dance Volume 4" after Accidental was released.
  2. ^ Golden State is an LP-only release; "a CD just wouldn't be the same, sonically, visually or ontologically." – Chris Cutler.[2]
  3. ^ MMM stands for "MillsMusicMafia", with reference to Mills College where Léandre, Frith and Curran teach music.[3]


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