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Fred Giannelli

Fred Giannelli (born 1960 in Lowell, Massachusetts) is an American electronic musician. He began experimenting with electronics[1] in the 1970s as[2] and Turning Shrines.[3] In 1984, Giannelli met Psychic TV's Genesis P. Orridge[4] while the group was in Boston for a gig.[5] This led to Giannelli eventually flying to London to join the band in 1988, arriving just in time for the Acid House craze.[6] He then left Psychic TV[7] for the Plus 8 label, working with Detroit DJ and producer Richie Hawtin as Spawn (band). Continuing under the Plus 8, he formed the Telepathic label[8] for his own industrial/techno recordings as the Acid Didj, Giannelli, Deneuve and Mazdaratti.[9] The 1990s saw him release some of his most popular titles, including 1997's Unpopular Science under the alias of the Kooky Scientist.[10]

Past projects and aliases include Kooky Monster, Acid Didj,[11] The Fink Scientist, Deneuve, The Kranky Old Man,[12] Mazdaratti, PTV, Riding the Coattails, Sickflop,[13] Splerge, Fred vom Jupiter, Fred vs. Fred, Fred Ex, Spawn (with Richie Hawtin and Daniel Bell)[14] and Turning Shrines.


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