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Untitled, stoneware, brass and wood sculpture by Fred Roster, c. 1970, Honolulu Museum of Art

Fred H. Roster (born 1944) is an American sculptor who was born in Palo Alto, California. He received an MA in ceramics from San José State University in 1968.[1] He came to Hawaii in 1969 on his honeymoon and decided to stay. In 1970, he earned an MFA in sculpture from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.[2] He joined the faculty of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1971,[3] where he is currently professor and chair of the sculpture program.[4][5]

Roster sculpts in rough-hewn wood, clay, and stone, often combining these materials in a single work. With the help of his students, he casts many of his own wood and clay sculptures in bronze. Moveable wheels are incorporated into many sculptures. Others include dogs, especially miniature schnauzers, which his mother raised. Untitled in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art is typical of his mixed media sculptures. The Hawaii State Art Museum and the Honolulu Museum of Art are among the public collections holding work by this artist.


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