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Fred Lawless – Playwright

Fred Lawless is a British playwright from Liverpool who writes mainly for the stage, but who has also written for television and radio.


Fred Lawless was born in Dingle, Liverpool, Merseyside. He attended St Patrick's School in Toxteth before his family moved to Halewood. He later attended the Wade Deacon Grammar School in Widnes.

After grammar school he attended Liverpool Catering College and trained as a hotel manager, eventually working in several Liverpool City Centre hotels. Several years later he gave up hotel management and ran a stall at the famous Paddy's Market in Liverpool. While working there he met Jonte Wilkins, and the two of them started the UK's first kissogram company,[1] Champagne-a-gram from an office in Aigburth. Shortly after Wilkins left for the US and eventually became the drummer for the British band a Flock of Seagulls. Lawless continued to run the kissogram business for several years, eventually employing 30 staff. One of the kissogram staff he employed was Mal Young who worked for him as a Tarzan-a-gram. After leaving Champagne-a-gram Young entered the TV industry and eventually became producer of Liverpool-based soap opera Brookside. Many years later Young interviewed Lawless with a view to him joining the writing team at Brookside, but instead he chose to write for the London-based TV series EastEnders.

In addition to his TV work, he has also written for BBC Radio. Nowadays he works primarily in theatre.

Fred Lawless is a director of The Script Vault Ltd,[2] a script registration service for writers who wish to protect their copyright, which he formed in 2002 after having had his copyright stolen and discovering he had no recourse under UK Copyright Law.

He is a lifelong Everton supporter and season ticket holder[3]

Previous work[edit]




Current work[edit]

Fred Lawless is writing the 2015 Christmas show for the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. 'Pharaoh 'Cross The Mersey'.[33]


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