Fred Page Cup

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Fred Page Cup
Fred Page Cup Logo.png
Sport Ice hockey
Given for Eastern regional champion of Canadian Junior Hockey League
Country Canada
First award 1995
Most wins Carleton Place Canadians (3)
Most recent Terrebonne Cobras (2017)

The Fred Page Cup is a championship ice hockey trophy, won by tournament, conducted by the Canadian Junior Hockey League. The award is given to the winner of a round-robin and playoff between the Bogart Cup champions of the Central Canada Hockey League, the Kent Cup champions of the Maritime Junior Hockey League, La Coupe NAPA Champions of the Quebec Junior Hockey League, and a pre-determined host team. The winner of the Fred Page Cup moves on to the Junior "A" National Championship known as the Royal Bank Cup. The trophy was donated by the then called Quebec Provincial Junior Hockey League in 1994-95.


The first Fred Page Cup was awarded in 1995. The trophy was donated by the Quebec Provincial Junior A Hockey League to create an Eastern Canadian Championship in honour of past Canadian Amateur Hockey Association President Fred Page. The 1995 Championship marked the first time teams outside of the maritime provinces were allowed to compete for the Eastern Canadian Championship for a berth to the National Championship. Now allowed are the maritime champions, the Quebec champions, and the Ottawa District champions of the Central Canada Hockey League. Prior to 1995, the Callaghan Cup was the championship trophy of Eastern Canada to be played for by a representative of the maritime provinces. Early championships were dominated by the Island Junior Hockey League. In the early 1990s, the top teams of the IJHL jumped to the Maritime Junior A Hockey League.

The Ottawa Jr. Senators were awarded the 2003 Fred Page Cup in the fall of 2001, but over the summer of 2002, the tournament was awarded the Cornwall Colts instead. This was mostly due to the size of the Jr. Senators arena and the conflict with other groups, therefore the event couldn't be attainable. The Nepean Raiders surprisingly never bid for the tournament, despite reaching the league finals eight times between 2003 and 2013. The event could not be supported with a low fan-base and reaching an agreement with the city. The 2006 Fred Page Cup was then awarded to Pembroke, Ontario and the Pembroke Lumber Kings.

To date, the Central Canada Hockey League has won the Fred Page Cup seven times, winning the Royal Bank Cup finals once, (Pembroke Lumber Kings) since its inception in 1996. The Quebec Junior Hockey League has won the Fred Page Cup only three times, and no team from Quebec have qualified for the Royal Bank Cup finals. The Maritime Junior A Hockey League is the only league to win the Fred Page Cup and have teams win the Royal Bank Cup, as the Summerside Capitals won in 1997 and the Halifax Oland Exports won in 2002.

The 2010 Fred Page Cup was awarded to the Brockville Braves, who also hosted the tournament in 1997. Brockville won the 2010 Fred Page Cup by defeating the Pembroke Lumber Kings 5-1. The Braves are the second host team since the 1998-99 Charlottetown Abbies, who defeated the CCHL's Hawkesbury Hawks 2-0 at the Charlottetown Civic Centre. The Pembroke Lumber Kings are the only team to compete in six consecutive Fred Page Cup tournaments from 2006 to 2011, winning the tournament twice in 2007 and 2011, and losing the finals in 2006 and 2008.

In 2009, the traditional circulation was broken, when Dieppe, New Brunswick and the Dieppe Commandos were awarded the tournament instead of a team from the Central Canada Hockey League. Maritime Hockey League champions Summerside Western Capitals elected to play their Fred Page Cup games in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, but this idea was quickly nixed because of a disagreement from the Quebec Junior Hockey League champion Sherbrooke Cougars.

The Kanata Stallions were chosen to host the 2012 Fred Page Cup, despite the team's poor performances since re-branding from the Kanata Valley Lasers in 2002. The Stallions managed to qualify for the semi-finals and avoided elimination with an over-time win over their crosstown rivals Nepean Raiders. The Kanata Stallions would finish in third place in the tournament.

The Carleton Place Canadians became the first team to win back-to-back Fred Page Cup championships during the tournament's inception in 1996. They continued their streak with three straight wins from 2014-16.

The 2018 tournament was awarded to Ottawa, which will make the second time the tournament will be played in the Ottawa area. Pembroke placed a bid, but was passed over in favor of Ottawa. Smiths Falls placed a bid, but withdrew.

2018 Fred Page Cup Tournament[edit]

Round Robin[edit]

x = Clinched championship round berth; y = Clinched first overall

FPC Round Robin
Rank Team League W-OTW-L-OTL GF GA Pts.
1 Ottawa Jr. Senators (host) CCHL 2-1-0-0 10 5 8
2 Longueuil College Francais QJHL 2-0-0-1 10 7 7
3 Edmundston Blizzard MHL 1-0-2-0 9 13 3
4 Carleton Place Canadians CCHL 0-0-3-0 6 10 0

Tie Breaker: Head-to-Head, then 3-way +/-.


Round Robin results
Game Away Team Score Home Team Score Notes
1 Carleton Place Canadians 1 Longueuil College Francais 2 Regulation
2 Edmundston Blizzard 1 Ottawa Jr. Senators 4 Regulation
3 Longueuil College Francais 6 Edmundston Blizzard 3 -
4 Carleton Place Canadians 2 Ottawa Jr. Senators 3 -
5 Carleton Place Canadians 3 Edmundston Blizzard 5 -
6 Ottawa Jr. Senators 3 Longueuil College Francais 2 2OT

Semi and Finals[edit]

Championship Round
Game Away Team Score Home Team Score Notes
Saturday May 5
Semi-final Edmundston Blizzard 1 Longueuil College Francais 5 -
Sunday May 6
Final Longueuil College Francais 1 Ottawa Jr. Senators 10


Fred Page Cup Eastern Canada Junior A Champions
Year Champions Runners-Up Series/Host
1995 Quebec Joliette Nationals (QPJHL) Ontario Cornwall Colts (CJHL) Quebec Joliette, QC
1996 New Brunswick Moncton Beavers (MJAHL) Nova Scotia Dartmouth Oland Exports (MJAHL) Nova Scotia Dartmouth, NS
1997 Ontario Kanata Valley Lasers (CJHL) Quebec Longueuil Collège Français (QPJHL) Ontario Brockville, ON
1998 Ontario Brockville Braves (CJHL) New Brunswick Restigouche River Rats (MJAHL) Quebec Joliette, QC
1999 Prince Edward Island Charlottetown Abbies (MJAHL) Ontario Hawkesbury Hawks (CJHL) Prince Edward Island Charlottetown, PEI
2000 Ontario Cornwall Colts (CJHL) Nova Scotia Halifax Oland Exports (MJAHL) Ontario Pembroke, ON
2001 Quebec St. Jerome Panthers (QJAAAHL) Ontario Cornwall Colts (CJHL) Quebec Coaticook, QC
2002 Nova Scotia Halifax Oland Exports (MJAHL) Ontario Ottawa Jr. Senators (CJHL) Nova Scotia Truro, NS
2003 Quebec Lennoxville Cougars (QJAAAHL) Ontario Nepean Raiders (CJHL) Ontario Cornwall, ON
2004 Ontario Nepean Raiders (CJHL) Quebec Valleyfield Braves (QJAAAHL) Quebec Valleyfield, QC
2005 Ontario Hawkesbury Hawks (CJHL) Nova Scotia Yarmouth Mariners (MJAHL) Nova Scotia Yarmouth, NS
2006 Quebec Joliette Action (QJAAAHL) Ontario Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL) Ontario Pembroke, ON
2007 Ontario Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL) Quebec St-Jérôme Panthers (QJAAHL) Quebec St-Jérôme, QC
2008 Nova Scotia Pictou County Crushers (MJAHL) Ontario Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL) Nova Scotia New Glasgow, NS
2009 Prince Edward Island Summerside Western Capitals (MJAHL) New Brunswick Dieppe Commandos (MJAHL) New Brunswick Moncton, NB
2010 Ontario Brockville Braves (CJHL) Ontario Pembroke Lumber Kings (CJHL) Ontario Brockville, ON
2011 Ontario Pembroke Lumber Kings (CCHL) Quebec Longueuil College Francais (QJAAAHL) Quebec Terrebonne, QC
2012 New Brunswick Woodstock Slammers (MHL) Ontario Nepean Raiders (CCHL) Ontario Ottawa, ON
2013 Nova Scotia Truro Bearcats (MHL) Prince Edward Island Summerside Western Capitals (MHL) Nova Scotia Truro, NS
2014 Ontario Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) Quebec St-Jérôme Panthers (QJAAAHL) Quebec St-Jérôme, QC
2015 Ontario Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) New Brunswick Dieppe Commandos (MHL) Ontario Cornwall, ON
2016 Ontario Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) New Brunswick Woodstock Slammers (MHL) New Brunswick Woodstock, NB
2017 Quebec Terrebonne Cobras (QJHL) Ontario Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) Quebec Terrebonne, QC
2018 Ontario Ottawa Jr. Senators (CCHL) Quebec Longueuil College Francais (QJHL) Ontario Ottawa, ON
2019 Nova Scotia Amherst, NS


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