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For the Australian footballer, see Fred Pearce (footballer).

Fred Pearce (born 30 December 1951) is an English author and journalist based in London. He is a science writer, reporting on the environment, popular science and development issues from 64 countries over the past 20 years. He specializes in global environmental issues, including water and climate change.[1]


Pearce is currently the environment consultant of New Scientist magazine and a regular contributor to the British newspapers Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, and Times Higher Education. He has also written for several US publications including Audubon, Foreign Policy, Popular Science, Seed, and Time.

Pearce has written a wide range of books on environment and development issues published in both the UK and US, including the following:

  • 1989 - Turning Up the Heat: Our perilous future in the global greenhouse   ISBN 0-370-31260-0
  • 1991 - Green warriors: The people and the politics behind the environmental revolution
  • 2004 - Keepers of the Spring: Reclaiming Our Water In An Age Of Globalization
  • 2005 - Deep Jungle, ISBN 978-1903919552 (also a TV series)[2]
  • 2006 - Last Generation: How nature will take her revenge for climate change[3]
  • 2007 - When the Rivers Run Dry: What happens when our water runs Out?[4]
  • 2007 - Fragile Earth: Views of a Changing World   ISBN 0-00-723314-0 contributor
  • 2008 - With Speed and Violence: Why scientists fear tipping points in climate change   ISBN 0-8070-8577-4
  • 2008 - Earth: Then and now, including a foreword by Zac Goldsmith[5]
  • 2009 - Confessions of an Eco-Sinner[6]
  • 2010 - Peoplequake: Mass Migration, Ageing Nations, and the Coming Population Crash
  • 2010 - The Climate Files: The Battle for the Truth About Global Warming
  • 2012 - The Land Grabbers: The New Fight over Who Owns the Earth ISBN 978-0-8070-0324-4
  • 2015 - The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature's Salvation

His books have been translated into at least ten languages including French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

He is a regular broadcaster and international speaker on environmental issues, and has given public presentations on all six continents in the past few years. Among his engagements have been the Edinburgh, Hay and Salisbury Book Festivals, the Ottawa and Melbourne International Writers Festivals, the Brisbane River Symposium in 2006,[7] Yale and Cambridge Universities, a speaking tour for the British Council in India, and presentations to business and financial groups, such as Anglo American PLC in South Africa, Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong and UBS in London.

He has also written reports and extended journalism for WWF, the UN Environment Programme, the Red Cross, UNESCO, the World Bank, the European Environment Agency, and the UK Environment Agency. He is a trustee of the Integrated Water Resources International.[8]


  • 1987 UK safety writer of the year.
  • 1991 TES Junior Information Book Award
  • 1991 Peter Kent Conservation Book Award
  • 2001 UK environment journalist of the year
  • 2002 CGIAR agricultural research science journalism award

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