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Fred Sablan
Birth nameFred Sablan
Born (1970-04-28) April 28, 1970 (age 49)
OriginCupertino, California
GenresPunk rock, hard rock, Industrial Metal
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter
InstrumentsBass guitar, guitar
Years active1989–present
LabelsCooking Vinyl, Ipecac
Associated actsMarilyn Manson, Goon Moon, Marriages, Queen Kwong, 8mm, Crack, Butcher Holler, Birthday Twin, Gina and the Eastern Block

Fred Sablan (born April 28, 1970) is an American musician originally from Cupertino, California, who is best known for being the bassist for Marilyn Manson. He is also the bassist and occasional guitarist for Goon Moon. He was also the bassist for Butcher Holler, and the guitarist for Crack. He became Marilyn Manson's bassist in July 2010 until June 2014, and also formerly played bass for Chelsea Wolfe. Fred is currently a co-host of the Hour Of Goon podcast with Jeordie White. He is also currently touring as a fill-in bassist with Peter Hook and the Light for the 2018 Substance tour.

Musical career[edit]

Crack (1993–2001) and Butcher Holler (2001–2003)[edit]

In the late nineties, Fred Sablan performed as the guitarist for the punk rock band Crack, which was described by journalist Todd S. Inoue as "Cupertino's punk-noise surrealists."[1] Later he was the bassist for the band Butcher Holler, and contributed to their album titled "I Heart Rock" which Sablan describes sounding like "Black Sabbath mixed with Roxy Music." Butcher Holler broke up shortly after opening up for the Foo Fighters. Sablan continued playing and recording with various artists while recording solo music.

Goon Moon (2007–present)[edit]

Since July 2007, he has been involved as both a bassist and occasional guitarist for Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez's side project Goon Moon, whom he met through mutual friend and former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Aaron North.

Marilyn Manson (2010–2014)[edit]

In July 2010, it was revealed that Sablan had been named as the new bass player for Marilyn Manson. Sablan was involved with the recording and writing of the album Born Villain. Touring for the "Hey, Cruel World Tour" started in February 2012 at the Soundwave Festival in Australia and then Japan. Sablan completed touring on the "Hey, Cruel World Tour", "Twins of Evil", and "Masters of Madness" tours by July 2013 in the US and Europe. On June 25, 2014, Fred Sablan confirmed he had left the band, on good terms, and would be replaced by Twiggy for their upcoming summer tour.

Queen Kwong, Marriages, GHOST GROPES (2014-present)[edit]

Fred is currently in Los Angeles recording with a few projects, including hip hop artist Cage and the band Marriages (featuring Emma Ruth Rundle) in 2014. Recently he revealed a new project name GHOST GROPES, which will be used as an umbrella name for various music projects. He has also been performing live with 8mm and Spirit in the Room . Fred is currently the bass player for Queen Kwong , which also features Wes Borland on guitar and Hayden Scott on drums.

Peter Hook and the Light (2018-present)[edit]

Fred is currently on tour playing bass with Peter Hook and the Light for the Substance tour filling in for Jack Bates who will be touring on the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins tour.


  • 1995: "Pooberty"
  • 1997: "Losing One's Cool"
Butcher Holler
  • 2003: "I Heart Rock"
Marilyn Manson
  • 2015: "Salome" (Fred plays guitar on 3 songs)
  • 2015: "TBA"

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