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Fred Toettcher AKA Fred Toucher
Born (1975-01-16) January 16, 1975 (age 42)
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Other names Fred Toucher
Education Rollins College
Occupation sports radio host

Fred (Toucher) Toettcher (born 1975) is Marconi winning sports radio talk show host on WBZ-FM in Boston, co-hosting "Toucher and Rich" with Rich Shertenlieb.


A native of Detroit, Toettcher graduated from Rollins College in 1997. After graduating, he landed a job at a small radio station in Cumming, Georgia. In 1999, he started hosting nights on 99X in Atlanta and eventually worked his way to the morning show. During his time in Atlanta, he claims he dated an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. In 2006, he and Rich Shertenlieb started The Toucher and Rich Show together on WBCN in Boston. In 2009, the show moved to 98.5 The Sports Hub. While initially thought to be moved to the station as a fill-in while the station scrambled to assemble a more sports-oriented program, The Toucher and Rich Show quickly rose to prominence and is currently considered to be one of the most popular radio shows in New England.[1]

Though not necessarily considered a Shock Jock, Toettcher has been involved in a few controversies. In May 2005, he prodded a caller to tell listeners the ending to a recently released Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.[2] In April 2010, he referred to Tim Tebow's NFL Draft party as a Nazi gathering.[3] In October 2013, he hung up on Rick Pitino.[4]

Toettcher has occasionally feuded with John Dennis of rival morning show Dennis and Callahan, who often calls him a hipster and refers to him as "Fred Douchebag."[citation needed] Toettcher usually responds by mocking Dennis's age and citing the fact that The Toucher and Rich Show has consistently beaten, usually by a substantial margin, Dennis and Callahan in Boston radio market ratings.[citation needed]

Toettcher has lived just outside Boston since 2005, with his wife Stephanie, daughter Zoey, and son Milo.


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