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Fred Van Oystaeyen (born 1947), also Freddy van Oystaeyen, is a mathematician and emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Antwerp.[1] He has pioneered work on noncommutative geometry, in particular noncommutative algebraic geometry.


In 1972, Fred Van Oystaeyen obtained his Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. In 1975 he became professor at the University of Antwerp, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.[2]

Van Oystaeyen has well over 200 scientific papers and several books. One of his recent books, Virtual Topology and Functor Geometry, provides an introduction to noncommutative topology.

At the occasion of his 60th birthday, a conference in his honour was held in Almería, September 18 to 22, 2007;[3] on March 25, 2011, he received his first honorary doctorate from that same university, Universidad de Almería. At the campus of Universidad de Almería the street "Calle Fred Van Oystaeyen" (previously "Calle los Gallardos") is named after him.[4]



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