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Fred W. Glover (b. 1937) is a professor of computer science and applied mathematics at the University of Colorado and the chief technology officer at OptTek Systems.[1] His work focuses on combinatorial optimization, and is credited with inventing the tabu search algorithm,[2] as a method for solving large and complex optimization[clarification needed] problems. He has published hundreds of journal articles and numerous books. He is responsible for coining the term "metaheuristic."[3]

Personal life[edit]

Fred Glover was born on March 8, 1937 in Kansas City, Missouri.[1]

Professional background[edit]

Glover obtained his bachelor degree from the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 1960, and his Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon University,1965.[citation needed] He has been head of research at the Hearin Center for Enterprise Science (2000–2002), at Analysis, Research and Computation, Inc. (1969–1981), at the University of Colorado NASA Center for Space Construction (1990–1991) and the University of Colorado Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence (1984–1990).[citation needed] He has held teaching and research positions in the University of Texas (1967–1970) and the University of California at Berkeley (1965–1967).[1]

Glover is chief technology officer of OptTek Systems, Inc., in charge of algorithmic design, computer software development, and strategic planning initiatives.[4] He holds the title of Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus, in the School of Engineering and in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.[citation needed]

Glover was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2002.[5]


Glover’s principal areas of research are in a number of fields, including: applications of computers to the fields of optimization, applied artificial intelligence, systems design, multicriteria analysis, decision support, logistics, natural resources planning, large scale allocation models, transportation, financial analysis and industrial planning.[1]


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