Freddie Boath

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Freddie Boath
Born (1991-05-06) 6 May 1991 (age 26)
London, England
Occupation Actor

Freddie Boath (born 6 May 1991) is an English actor best known for his role as Alex O'Connell in The Mummy Returns.

Boath was born in London. His father is a banker and his mother is a producer.[citation needed] He has an older brother, Jack, and a younger sister, Millie.[citation needed] Boath attended the Catholic prep school St Phillip's.[citation needed] He attended drama classes with his siblings for several years.[citation needed] His only acting experience prior to The Mummy Returns was lip-synching John Travolta's role in a class production of Grease.[citation needed]

Boath states that he chose to audition for his first film role, in the Mummy Returns, rather than audition for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.[citation needed] He was replaced for the role of Alex O'Connell for the third movie in The Mummy trilogy by Australian actor Luke Ford.

Boath appeared in an ITV1 show called The Children. He played 14-year-old Jack, a troubled teenager; he said he could relate to the character as his parents divorced when he was young. In 2010 he played King Henry II as a teenager in The Pillars of the Earth.

Boath last appeared onscreen as Benji Reed in the 2013 television series "House of Anubis."[citation needed]

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