Freddie and Frieda Falcon

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Freddie and Frieda Falcon
University Bowling Green State University
Conference MAC
Description Anthropomorphized peregrine falcons
First seen 1950 (Freddie), 1979 (Frieda)

Freddie and Frieda Falcon are the mascots of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. The pair are anthropomorphized peregrine falcons. They are somewhat of a rarity among collegiate mascots, being one of the few male-female mascot pairs in existence. In 2006 they were both named "Best Collegiate Mascot" at the 2006 NCA Cheer Camp in Nashville, Tennessee at Vanderbilt University.[1]

The Falcon[edit]

Bowling Green State University was originally known as Bowling Green Normal University, designated a normal school because its purpose was to train teachers. Because of this, their athletic teams were referred to by a variety of nicknames, such as the "B.G. Normals" and the "Teachers". As the necessity of a mascot and nickname became more apparent over the years, Ivan "Doc" Lake, the sports editor of the local newspaper, decided to come up with a fitting name. In 1927, after reading about falconry, he decided on "Falcons" because the birds were powerful and highly trained, much like the University's athletes.[2][3]


A creation of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, Freddie Falcon made his first appearance at a BGSU men's basketball game on January 16, 1950 against the Bobcats of Ohio University. Under the mask at this first appearance was Bob Taylor. The costume was simple – a papier mache head, a cape and a brown sweatsuit – but the tradition had begun.

Frieda Falcon first appeared on February 25, 1966 as "Mrs. Freddie Falcon". At this time, she was a male cheerleader in disguise. In 1974 Freddie took Frieda to the Homecoming Game. Frieda's costume was borrowed from a woman in town who had worn it to a Halloween party. The costume was worn by a member of the Spirit and Traditions board. In 1980, Frieda was re-introduced as Freddie's little sister. The first full-time female Frieda was Sue Sheard.[4]

Over the years the costume has changed and evolved, going from a papier mache head to a "rubber chicken"-like mask, to the current look, which is a more typical 'cartoon'-like appearance and a head made of fiberglass and synthetic material designed to replicate the appearance of feathers.


The biggest tradition of the mascot position is that the identities of the students who play the roles of Freddie and Frieda are kept secret for the duration of their service. The identities are revealed every spring at a "beheading ceremony" during a basketball game and a hockey game.

Other traditions include the throwing of bubblegum and the wearing of orange Chuck Taylor shoes, which are now represented by large comical high-top shoes with the BGSU logo on them.[5]

Former Freddies and Friedas[edit]

Year Freddies Friedas
1950 Bob Taylor N/A
1950-51 Norbert Billig N/A
1951-52 Hugh Simmonds N/A
1952-53 Fred Frisbie N/A
1953 Raymond Bertelsen N/A
1956-57 Donald Traxler N/A
1958 Dr. Gary Bloomfield N/A
1962-63 Dr. Charles Schultz N/A
1963-64 Dr. Jack Wilson N/A
1964-65 Doug Lobser N/A
1965-66 Everett Devaul N/A
1966-67 Ron Zweirlein, Ph. D. N/A
1967-68 Mike Bryan N/A
1968-69 Stan Maleski N/A
1969-70 Rick Harris N/A
1970-71 Dr. Robert Parr N/A
1971-72 Kevin Smith N/A
1972-73 Lt. Col. William E. "Dewey" Potts N/A
1973-74 Rick Wallace N/A
1974-75 Jeff Weber, Garry Michaelis N/A
1975–1976 Mark Suffron N/A
1976-77 Dwight A. Bachman N/A
1977-78 Mark Zimmerman N/A
1978-79 Bill Kohagen, Keith Beebe N/A
1979-80 John Zauner, Scott Thoma Sue (Sheard) Cannella, Kathy Smith
1980-81 Rob Walker Jr., Doug Mould Mary (Stephanic) Peterson, Janice Suter
1981-82 Dave Martz, Mark Sirower Jan (Steinmetz) Gase, Stephanie (Pauly) Barton
1982-83 Steve Elchert, Jeff McGaffick Becky (Douglas) Taylor, Cindy (Rampe) Graham
1983-84 Eric Albers, Brett Swihart Holly (Hartman) Lemar, Karen Clements
1984-85 Jim Seeger, Rick Goeke Michelle Cwiklinski, Wendy Gajarsky
1985-86 Ted Schultz, Dave Runta Sharon (Bruegger) Dubler, Kris (Villilo) Myers
1986-87 Dr. Dave Shilling, OD, Dave Kuhar, esq. Rhonda (Richmond) Albers, Janice Lutz
1987-88 Scott Brown, Matt "Goose" Telfer Karleen (Pilla) Materne, Gina (Boyazis) Parsonis
1988-89 Bob Bellamy, W. Patrick Smith Jennifer (Murphy) Obloza, Karen (Radlinski) Daugherty
1989-90 Dan Skrovan, Mike McGee Julie Zimmerman, Shelly (Sanderson) Miller
1990-91 Jeff Merrill, Brian Pcionek Jen (Yetzer) Barrett, Rungsinee Phoudad
1991-92 Mike Power, Roger McCarthy Terry DiSciscio, Denise Chrien
1992-93 Adam Dill, Scott Jacobs Terri Gladwish, Allison Woolley
1993-94 Dave Dobson, Jim Ruhlen Lisa (Worstine) Geggie, Heather (Palmer) Zenman
1994-95 Brody McDonald, Ron Klinger Candy Bonnett, Stacy (Clevenger) Butcher
1995-96 Kurt Gehring, John Strmac Becky Fairman, Raina Gilmore
1996-97 Kevin DeMain, Blair Miller Wendy Braatz, Kelly Benedetti
1997-98 Joe Victor, Jesse Kreinbrink Lisa Maselli, Emily Roach
1998-99 Shawn Grime, Chad Hibbs Rhonda (Fett)Winings, Cutia Blunt
1999–2000 Michael Perlatti, John Labbe Beth Borkosky, Sara Brewer
2000–2001 David Humphrey, Ben Kohlhorst Meredith Piersol, Nici Martin
2001–2002 Justin Petitt, David Decker Alicia Poluga, Janay Joyce
2002–2003 Dan Kozlowski, Mike Orlando Sherry Johnson, Megan Manley
2003–2004 Dan Stanowick, Hakim Oliver Rachel (Ott)Tuttle, Melissa Rossin
2004–2005 Jimmy Myers, Eric Wagner Kristen Hertzer, Allison (Sproul)Coffman
2005–2006 Alex Wright, Tommy Balicky Sara Moore, Sara (Ramkey) Omlor
2006–2007 Gino Georgetti, Eric Heilmeier Kristen (Kulbis) Wright, Niki Messmore
2007–2008 Shane Lewis, Terry Streetman Michelle Doyle, Tara McGinnis
2008–2009 Chris Schiazza, Brendan Carroll Lizzie (Keller) Friedman, Courtney (Hollister) Carroll
2009–2010 Andrew Gibson, Adam Kowalski Cristina (Sanchez) Wayton, Caitlin (Keelor) Borges
2010–2011 Jared Miller, Doug Krysiak Molly Eaton, Nicole (Krueger) Ellwood
2011–2012 Shawn Gilbert, Jonathan Zachrich Maddy Brown, Kate Finlayson
2012–2013 Michael Majoros, Ryan Evarts Kelsey Morgan, April McCoy
2013–2014 Daniel Short, Sean Kennedy Jennifer Gonzales, Lauren Phillips
2014-2015 Alex Koons, Landon Watts Maren Legg, Katie Magnacca
2015-2016 Drew Ashby-King, Zach Jung Katie Wallroff, Katie Webb


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