Fredensborg (slave ship)

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AAks Fredensborgutst 4.jpg
Model of Fredensborg, ivory from the wreck in background, at the Aust-Agder kulturhistoriske senter, Arendal, Norway.
Builder: Built in Copenhagen
Launched: 1752 or 1753
Renamed: Fredensborg, 1756
Fate: Sank in a storm off Tromøy in Arendal, Norway, 1 December 1768
General characteristics

Fredensborg was a frigate built in Copenhagen in 1752 or 1753. She was named Cron Prindz Christian after the prince who was to become king Christian VII of Denmark and Norway, and was fitted out as a slave ship. After an unsuccessful stint in the triangular trade, her operational area was limited to the Caribbean, where she sailed as a trader until 1756. The ship was then purchased by another Danish company, renamed Fredensborg after one of the Danish-Norwegian trading stations on the African Gold Coast, and put under the command of Captain Espen Kiønigs. On 1 December 1768 Fredensborg sank in a storm off Tromøy in Arendal, Norway.

The wreck was discovered by three divers in September 1974, Leif Svalesen, Tore Svalesen and Odd Keilon Ommundsen. Leif Svalesen later worked extensively to document the ship and its history.


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