Frederic Richard Lees

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Frederic Richard Lees
Frederic Richard Lees 1860.png
Born15 March 1815
OccupationTemperance advocate, writer

Frederic Richard Lees (15 March 1815 - 1897) was an English temperance advocate and vegetarian.


Lees was born in Meanwood.[1] Lees signed the antispirits pledge in 1832 and became teetotaller in 1835.[2] He worked as a teetotalism activist and authored books on the subject. In 1837, he became the Secretary for the British Association for the Promotion of Temperance (British Temperance League) and edited its journal from 1840-1844.[2] He edited Truth-Seeker from 1844-1850, the Teetotal Topic in 1847 and the Temperance Spectator in 1859.[2]

He was a founding member of the United Kingdom Alliance in 1863.[2] Lees was a vegetarian and occasionally lectured on vegetarianism. In 1857, he won a Vegetarian Society essay competition which was republished in 1884.[2] He became an associate member of the Vegetarian Society in 1874.[2]

Lees obtained an honorary doctorate from University of Giessen for his writings against Owenism.[2] Lees married Mary Jowett in 1838, they had two children. In 1878, he married Sarah Barnesley.[2]

Selected publications[edit]


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