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Frederica Academy
200 Murray Way
Saint Simons Island, Georgia

United States
Type Private, college preparatory
Established 1969
Head of school John Thomas
Faculty 54 (2007-2008)[1]
Grades K-12
Number of students 426 (2007-2008)
Color(s) Forest green and white         
Mascot Knights
Accreditation SAIS-SACS[2]
Tuition [3] $5,300 (pre-kindergarten)
$9,100 (kindergarten)
$11,340 (grades 1-5)
$13,040 (grades 6-8)
$13,880 (grades 9-12)

Frederica Academy is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school located on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, United States. It serves students from grades Pre-K to 12. The school has a fully functional lower school, middle school, and high school. The current head of school is John Thomas.

Mission statement[edit]

"To maximize each student's potential and prepare him or her for college and adult life through the development of mind, body, and spirit."[4]


"Frederica Academy is a coeducational, nondenominational, independent, college preparatory day school offering the highest quality education for students of all races, creeds, and nationalities. The mission of Frederica Academy is to prepare students who are of average or above average ability and who aspire to a higher education to realize their potential and to respond to the expectations of a democratic society. Each student is viewed as unique so that special qualities may be recognized and developed. The school fosters an atmosphere where high moral standards of conduct within the Judeo-Christian tradition are practiced, and there is a stated honor code. Support from parents and the community is actively sought in maintaining these high moral and academic standards throughout the learning process and in the learning environment.

"Education, as distinguished from training, is a process of blossoming from within rather than one of manipulation from without. It occurs when inherent abilities are stimulated by an environment conducive to growth. Growth implies change: a stretching, a transcending of boundaries. Education is dynamic and the school becomes the change agent.

"Close relationships are a significant characteristic of life at Frederica Academy. We form a community based on mutual trust and participation by all students, faculty and administration. Because of this spirit, the government of daily life at this school is made as simple as possible. Students are given the freedom to practice expected self-control and to accept personal responsibility for their actions. The basic rules regulating our common life are intended to ensure consistency, fairness and a sound environment for education. Regular attendance at school and in classes is greatly valued, for absence from school removes students from both the learning process and important community building opportunities.

"Frederica Academy aspires to provide those resources of faculty, curriculum, and environment which best enhance student opportunity for intellectual, physical, moral, social, and aesthetic development. Frederica Academy prepares its students to be self-reliant, active learners and responsible citizens who pursue excellence in all endeavors."

Frederica Academy values[edit]

  • To provide a vigorous academic and intellectual environment throughout the school
  • To encourage independence of thought in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration
  • To encourage the application of problem-solving techniques to academic and personal decisions
  • To provide opportunities to practice and develop leadership, sportsmanship, courtesy, dependability and integrity
  • To stimulate awareness of the needs of others and promote community service
  • To continue an appreciation of the Judeo-Christian heritage and a comprehensive understanding of religious thought
  • To develop, through practice, an understanding and appreciation of democratic principles
  • To encourage creative expression and appreciation of the fine arts
  • To provide training in appropriate social behavior and manners

Campus life[edit]


Frederica Academy provides courses in all the general fields of study, including English, literature, mathematics, languages, history, science, art, music, life skills, and computer sciences. It also offers specialized courses such as Intelligence & Foreign Policy, Environmental Science, Geology, and Coastal Ecology.


Frederica also offers many athletic opportunities including football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, sailing, equestrian, cross country, golf, soccer, volleyball, and swimming.

Clubs and organizations[edit]

Frederica Academy offers a multitude of school sponsored clubs and organizations, including:[5]


Founded in 1969,[7] Frederica has a long history of educating students from the Golden Isles of Georgia. Originally, the school was located in the old Brunswick Hospital on the mainland while construction of today's campus was taking place on St. Simons Island. The original buildings still hold the lower and middle schools. In 2004, construction finished on the state-of-the-art new upper school building, Lovick P. Corn Hall.

Advanced Placement courses[edit]

The school offers a number of Advanced Placement courses, including Biology, Calculus, English Literature, Latin, Economics, Physics, and Spanish.


Frederica Academy has a large, well-maintained campus that features one lower school building, two middle school buildings, a separate fifth grade hall, one high school building, a fully equipped gymnasium, cafeteria, drama theater, basketball court, soccer field, baseball field, lower school media center, library, administration building, a wet and dry science laboratory, and a full art studio. Currently, there are no tennis courts even though the girls' team has won the state championship twice

Honor code[edit]

The Frederica Academy Honor Code reads:

"On my honor, I have neither given nor received help of any kind on this work."

Extended version:

"I realize that, as a student of Frederica Academy under the Honor System, my honor shall be respected. I acknowledge that it is my obligation to be truthful, fair, and honest in all my actions. It shall, therefore, be my aim to achieve a high standard of character worthy of the respect I shall receive. To be honorable, not only in the classroom, but also in all relations with my fellow students and teachers, shall be my constant effort.May God keep me steadfast in purpose."[8]

Students must abide by the Honor Code. If a violation is presented, the situation will be dealt with by the Honor Council (A group of peers and teachers who assist in deciding the outcome of the predicament)

Alma Mater[edit]

On an isle in southeast Georgia
There's a school we love;
Set near seas and pearly beaches,
Moss draped oaks above.
Frederica, how we love thee,
Our dear high school home;
And our memories we'll cherish,
As from thee we roam.


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