Frederica Mathewes-Green

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Frederica Mathewes-Green
Born (1952-10-27) October 27, 1952 (age 70)
Occupation(s)Author, speaker
Notable workFacing East, At the Corner of East and Now
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Frederica Mathewes-Green (born October 27, 1952)[1] is an American author and speaker, chiefly on topics related to Eastern Orthodox belief and practice.

Mathewes-Green earned a MTS degree from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1977 and received an honorary Doctor of Letters from King University in 2019. She and her family converted to Orthodoxy from the Episcopal Church in 1993.

Mathewes-Green's writing about Orthodoxy has been described as having a humorous, storytelling style, and she has been referred to as "an Orthodox Garrison Keillor."[2] She has authored ten books, and her writings have appeared in publications including The Washington Post, Christianity Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mathewes-Green is active in the pro-life movement, and she served as vice-president of Feminists for Life of America.[when?][3] She also served on the steering committee of the Common Ground Network for Life and Choice, an organization that brought anti-abortion and pro-choice partisans together in dialogue. [4]

Mathewes-Green is married to Rev. Gregory Mathewes-Green. The couple live in Johnson City, Tennessee. They have three grown children and fifteen grandchildren.[citation needed]



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