Frederick August I, Duke of Oldenburg

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Frederick Augustus I
Duke of Oldenburg
Friedrich August von Oldenburg.jpg
Duke of Oldenburg
Predecessor none
Successor William I
Spouse Princess Ulrike Friederike Wilhelmine of Hesse-Kassel
Issue Wilhelm, Duke of Oldenburg
Princess Luise
Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotte, Queen of Sweden and Norway
Full name
German: Friedrich August
House House of Holstein-Gottorp
Father Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin
Mother Margravine Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach
Born (1711-09-20)20 September 1711
Gottorp, Schleswig
Died 6 July 1785(1785-07-06) (aged 73)

Friedrich August, Duke of Holstein-Oldenburg[1][2] (Gottorp, Schleswig, 20 September 1711[1][2]Oldenburg, 6 July 1785[1][2]) was the son of Christian August, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and his wife Margravine Albertine Friederike of Baden-Durlach.[1][2]

Marriage and issue[edit]

Frederick Augustus married Princess Ulrike Friederike Wilhelmine of Hesse-Kassel; the couple had three children:[1][2]

Titular History[edit]

Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, on behalf of her son Paul of Russia, last of the Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp ceded the Duchy lands to Denmark. In exchange, Denmark ceded the Duchy of Oldenburg to the Prince Bishops of Lübeck, a cadet branch of the Dukes of Gottorp. Thus, Friederich August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince Bishop of Lübeck, became Duke of Oldenburg.[3]

His son and heir apparent, Peter Friedrich Wilhelm, succeeded him as Wilhelm I, Duke of Oldenburg.


16. John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
8. Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
17. Augusta of Denmark
4. Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
18. John George I, Elector of Saxony
9. Marie Elisabeth of Saxony
19. Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia
2. Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin
20. Christian IV of Denmark
10. Frederick III of Denmark
21. Anne Catherine of Brandenburg
5. Frederikke Amalie of Denmark
22. George, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
11. Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg
23. Anne Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt
1. Frederick Augustus I, Duke of Oldenburg
24. Frederick V, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
12. Frederick VI, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
25. Barbara of Württemberg
6. Frederick VII, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
26. John Casimir of Pfalz-Zweibrücken
13. Christine Magdalen of Zweibrücken
27. Catharina of Sweden
3. Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach
28. John Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (= 16)
14. Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (= 8)
29. Augusta of Denmark (= 17)
7. Augusta Marie of Holstein-Gottorp
30. John George I, Elector of Saxony (= 18)
15. Marie Elisabeth of Saxony (= 9)
31. Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia (= 19)

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Frederick August I, Duke of Oldenburg
Cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg
Born: 20 September 1711 Died: 6 July 1785
Regnal titles
Religious titles
Preceded by
Adolf Frederick of Sweden
(Lutheran Administrator)
Prince-Bishop of Lübeck
(Lutheran Administrator)
Succeeded by
Peter I, Grand Duke of Oldenburg
(Lutheran Administrator)
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Paul I
Count of Oldenburg
County elevated to Duchy
Oldenburg newly elevated to Dukedom Duke of Oldenburg
Succeeded by
William I