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Frederick Braue
Born March 9, 1906
Alameda, California
Died July 3, 1962 (1962-07-04) (aged 56)
Nationality American
Occupation close up magician, journalist
Known for sleight of hand, card magic

Frederick Braue [pronounced BROW-ee] (March 9, 1906 – July 3, 1962) was an American journalist by profession and noted for his contribution to the field of card magic. He was a semi-professional magician, specialized in card magic of which he was a master.[1]

He also co-authored "Expert Card Technique" with Jean Hugard.[2] Living on opposite sides of the North American continent, Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue wrote their books via correspondence.[3]

In the 1940s, Frederick Braue edited a children's page, called Aunt Elsie's Page, for the Oakland Tribune newspaper.

Frederick Braue contributed to many magazines including a column in Hugard's Magic Monthly which he also edited from 1959 to 1962. He also invented numerous card sleights and effects including:

  • Braue Reversal which is a method for reversing a card in the deck in the course of a cutting action.
  • Braue Addition
  • Rear Palm (in 1935)
  • Homing Card

Published works[edit]

In collaboration with Jean Hugard:

  • Expert Card Technique (1940)
  • Miracle Methods N° 1 : Stripper Deck (1941)
  • Miracle methods N° 2 : Gambling (1942)
  • Miracle Methods N° 3 : Prepared Cards (1942)
  • Miracle Methods N° 4 : Tricks and Sleights (1943)
  • The Invisible Pass (1946)
  • Showtoppers with Cards (1948)
  • Royal Road to Card Magic (1949)
  • Fred Braue On False Deals (1977)

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